Making a Rocket Nozzle

Have you ever asked yourself how a rocket is made? Well, recently Elon Musk himself tweeted a video showing the process of forming a rocket nozzle. If you don’t know what exactly a rocket nozzle is, they are placed at the bottom of the rocket. It specifically allows for the fuel to burn increasing the pressure within the rocket, in turn the nozzle guides this high pressure energy/gas and thus thrusts the body of the rocket upwards.

The video in question is:

It showcases a 10 second video which shows the production of the components which forms the nozzle, it’s very similar to how wou’d product something, such as using clay.

Elon Musk also teased the creation process of producing what he refers to the SpaceX SuperDraco inconel rocket chamber with regen cooling jacket. Definitely sounds cool, although I’m not totally sure what exactly each part is or does as seen in the tweet below.