About The Scientist In Me

sunite graduationThe Scientist in Me is run by Sunite as a personal venture to discover new and exciting research and findings within the world of science. This blog provides me with a great way of discovering, sharing and leaning new aspects of science. There are no restrictions to the type of content I shall post, but it will be within the world of science. Anything from videos, images, podcasts, findings, and so on will be the tip of the iceberg on what I am planning.

You may want to learn a little about the author. Well, hello, I am Sunite. In 2016, I completed by Masters in Science (MSci) degree in Biomedical Science, I’m pursuing a career as an associate practitioner in order to complete my portfolio and head into becoming a registered Biomedical Scientist.

If you have any further questions, or would like to get in contact with me, go ahead and email me: sunite (AT) scientistinme.com.

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