Molten Copper vs Large Jawbreaker

Who doesn’t love a good jawbreaker, I certainly do. With an increase in size of such a hard sweet, getting through it into the middle can be a hard task. Even with an increase in temperature it can be a hard task. Here is a interesting video putting molten copper on top of a large jawbreaker.

After pouring molten scrap copper onto a 1 pound jawbreaker, the layers begin to peel and melt forming a black liquid, consisting of flavouring and sugars, surrounds the jawbreaker as it continues to burn.

Definitely an interesting and sweet video. Be sure to share it with people who will enjoy watching it.


The Zika Virus Explained (Video)

If you haven’t heard of the Zika virus, then the video below will aid in explaining what exactly it is, how it spreads and who are likely to be affected the most.

Credit to Vox for creating a short and informative video, although not everyone is affected by this virus, it is very important to be aware that the WHO (World Health Organization) has declared the Zika virus a global emergency.

Zika Virus Transmission Cycle
Zika Virus Transmission Cycle [credit: BBC]

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